1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Giveaway!

Sign Up at MyClassicGarage to be automatically entered.  The drawing will be held on December 12, 2012.

More About the 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am:



Year:  1979
Make:  Pontiac
Model:  1819
Secondary Model: 365
Vehicle Type: Passenger Car
Hobby Segment: Muscle Car
Mileage: 49,235
Body Style


Body Style: Coupe
Doors: 2
Color: Blue
Stripes: Yes
Other: Screamin’ Chicken


Interior Color: Blue
Seating Type: Bucket
Seat Material: Vinyl
Shifter Type: Floor
Center Console: Yes


Engine Type: Gasoline
Engine Size: 400 V8 (Original Engine)
Fuel Delivery System Type: Single 4 Barrel
Transmission Type: 4 Speed Manual (Original)


Wheel Specification: Front 15 x 8 Pontiac Snowflake; Rear: 15 x 8 Pontiac Snowflake
Tire: Goodyear Polysteel 225/70R15 (front and rear)
Brakes: 4 x Power Disc
Exhaust: Dual (original muffler equipment)


Radio: AM/FM Cassette
Battery Location: RH Engine Compartment
Battery Shut Off: No

Earn Additional Entires…

after you log in to MyClassicGarage, this 1979 Pontiac Trans Am will already be parked in your virtual garage.

At the bottom, simply share this car with anyone.  We will give you 1 entry for signing up and 1 entry for liking our Facebook page  (on the left).  Also get one entry for every friend that signs up and adds a car to their garage.

Simple as that!

Sing up Today at www.MyClassicGarage.com!

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20 Responses to 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Giveaway!

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  2. Gregory Wilkins says:

    This should work out great since December 12 is my birthday! 😉

  3. diane benzi says:

    oh, the pontiac firebird is by far my all time favorite car……my heart was smashed when it was discontinued in 2002 and then when pontiac went defunct in 2010, that was another sad moment

  4. diane benzi says:

    love the 1991 and 1992 bandit II and formula…….

  5. Fred Rails says:

    I had one back in the day, but Two driving age boys meant I had to let it go.

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  7. Richard T. says:

    May the good lord send me a blessing to win this car. It would be the ultimate car for me and my wife who is just crazy as myself over screaming chickens.

    • T/A Kid says:

      I special ordered & owned this exact same car back in 1979. I would give almost anything to be able to own this car once again.

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  9. Russ Cannons says:

    I had a 70 TA w/400 Ram Air III 366hp /400 Turbo, That car handled like it was on rails. Mother of Pearl White with blue stripe. I’m a Camaro guy but the Firebird is right there with it, they are both awsome cars in my book.

  10. lester says:

    When I was 17 yrs old my father co-signed so I was able to purchase a TA .I worked two full time jobs to pay for it but i didn’t care!! My car was black/gold exterior and black interior just like the Bandits. My friends called me Burt probably due to my driving fast and fearless and friends in law enforcement helped alot. haha Now I’m 50 and still wish I had that car. It would be awsome to win it.

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  17. vern says:

    My TA was black didnt have the screaming chicken.had the stock 400 small block with auto tranny.slow off the line but once it got over 30 mph totaly screamed.put air shocks in the rear so i could fit the wider ta radials i put on.last of the three pontiacs that ive owned loved each.would love to win this car with its four speed.

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  19. Carlos says:

    That is truly a beautiful Trans Am

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