MCG Social Now LIVE! Finally, a Social Network You Can be Proud of

MyClassicGarage is very proud to offer the world’s first integrated social network solely dedicated to the classic car enthusiast. As an already faithful user, you get to use MCG Social before anyone else, and of course it’s absolutely free.

Connect with friends, meet new like-minded car buffs, follow forum-style Channels predicated on specific cars, and so much more. Check out the highlighted features below.


Feed - Image

This is where all the current activity within your MCG Social world will show up, from Upcoming Events, recently added New Cars, and MCG Marketplace additions, as well as comments from Friends you follow.

In the left column, you can see what Channels and Friends you have followed.

My Profile

My Profile - Image

The name says it all. Click here to view what your profile looks like to other users. Friends will see your cover photo, profile pic, and any cars you have loaded in your garage that are marked “public.”


Channels - Image

This is largely how you can stay connected with what interests you the most. Subscribe to your favorite cars for updates in your Feed. For example, if you like ‘66 Mustangs, you may want to subscribe to the “Ford,” “1964-1973 Ford Mustang,” and “Classic” channels. Within these channels is a forum-based structure where users upload photos, ask questions, create “build threads,” list parts for sale, and so forth.


Events - Image

Events allow you to search industry and local events by hobby segment, show type, and location. You can also submit events here to be viewed by all MCG users – a great way to gain exposure for your next cruise or show.


Garages - Image

This tab will bring up suggested Garages (users) to follow, or you can click “Followers” to see who has followed you. Click on “Following” to view the profiles you follow.


Cars - Image

Pontiac guys like Pontiac guys. In the Cars tab you can search for specific cars so you can follow Garages you know will interest you. Let’s say I like GTOs, I will search GTO in the “Search Cars” field, then click on the ones I wish to follow.


Maps - Image

The maps tab is where you can view and search Garages (users) and Events that are near your location.


Since you’ve already signed up to use, it’s now time to build your MCG Social profile.

Click Here to Get Started

Here, you can begin to put a face to the name and build your profile. Set your location in Settings, add past, present, and dream cars, follow Channels, submit Events, and so much more using MCG Social. Have fun!

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