Monterey Classic Car Week 2013 – THE Place for


Part of the MyClassicGarage crew have the fantastic privilege of flying across the nation to this week’s epicenter for classic car enthusiasts – Monterey Classic Car Week 2013. No matter the name – the Monterey Classic Car Week, Pebble Beach Automotive Week, Concours Week, etc. – the events that make up the week are among the most important on the classic automotive calendar.

So, why fly clear across the U.S. in support of a free website? The answer is easy. We have created a website we feel all classic car enthusiasts should not only use, but will enjoy to use. So, with so many classic car collectors and spectators in one spot, we feel it’s a perfect opportunity to spread the Gospel of MyClassicGarage.

Every year has grown increasingly popular since the week first began when a group of guys organized a road race back in 1950, and this year will be no exception. This year’s Concours will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Aston Martin and the 50th anniversaries of Lamborghini and the Porsche 911.

With plenty of vintage races and beautiful cars and scenery, we have sent our in-house photographer to capture some of these amazing moments and forward the excitement on to you. Our Product Manager Matt Tilmes will be on-site in hopes of discovering great stories of attendees and their prized possessions. These informal interviews will be uploaded to MCG Social so you too can feel you were at Monterey this week enjoying the Pacific coastline and company of like-minded enthusiasts.

MyClassicGarage will be at the Russo & Steele auction all weekend signing up users that wish to use our free site to manage their car/collection. All those that signup are automatically entered to win the giveaway 1970 Hemicuda.

Stay tuned on MCG Social for photos and write-ups coming directly from Monterey, and if you can’t make it out, see our show schedule below. Maybe we’ll  meet soon.

MCG Tradeshow and Expo Schedule

Date Event Name Location
May 14-19 Mecum Springs Classic Indianapolis, IN
May 17-19 Goodguys Nashville Nashville, TN
June 7-9 Carlisle Ford National Carlisle, PA
July 12- Goodguys Columbus Columbus, OH
August 9-11 Mopar Nationals Columbus, OH
August 13-19 Russo Steele Monterey Monterey, CA
August 23-25 Corvettes at Carlisle Carlisle, PA
August 29-Sept 1 Auburn Auburn, IN
Sept 19-22 Auto Fair Charlotte, NC
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